1 Kg CBN Isolate

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We source our CBN or Cannabinol from Colorado, direct from hemp farms that are environmentally certified. Our CBN isolate has no THC, and therefore will never be classified as a drug when used. The CBN Isolate product line offers oils, isolate, wax, and crystals in any amount, we ship in bulk! We are your one stop shop for CBN in most forms. Cannabinol has been shown to be more effective than CBD with sleep disorders and anxiety. Experience restful sleep the natural way.

We have a wide selection of isolate based products, as well as half grams to kilos of pure CBN.  This is the best cannabinoid for duel satisfaction of relaxation and sleep aid.  According to Steep Hill, the global leader for cannabis testing, “of all the cannabinoids, CBN appears to be the most sedative. Not only is it sedative, it takes very little to do the job. The consumption of 2.5mg to 5mg of CBN has the same level of sedation as a mild pharmaceutical sedative, with a relaxed body sensation similar to 5mg to 10mg of diazepam.

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CBN Made Only From Organic Materials

1 Kg CBN Isolate

Cannabinol is a form of cannabinoid recently receiving more focus due to its natural sleep aid possibilities.  While it offers the same great relief as a medicinal supplement as cannabidiol,  the right amount also has been demonstrated to yield longer and more restful sleep.  Our CBN is grown and processed organically according to EPA standards set in Colorado.  Isolate is made through the process of cradling hemp in ethyl alcohol and bringing it to a low boil.  This creates a vapor that crystallizes and is ground to make pure cannabinoid.

Superfast Isolate Delivery System

We produce our isolate at the grow site.  This means we have product on hand, and available in bulk.  We ship immediately as orders arrive 24/7, there is no lag.   Isolate is excellent because it allows you to make at home product at a cheaper cost than buying pre-made oils or edibles.  Combining isolate with oil like MCT, coconut, and olive is what one finds in tincture products.  This would make for an excellent form for a sleep aid.  If using isolate for home-baked goods, make sure the heat used in cooking isn’t high.

15 reviews for 1 Kg CBN Isolate

  1. Gilbert Anthony J.

    Hello there Looms, please can send us another 2kgs asap?
    we have another client who just came in and wants to taste your product. By the way, the first 5Kgs all tested good and that is the reason for this urgent demand of 2Kgs. Get in touch with us as soon as you can as we need it to be here by Tuesday morning next week for the analysis, thanks.

  2. Jared Kings

    test results came in today and it scored 99% which was pleasing to us. Our next order should come in by the end of this week. we are looking forward to a long term business relationship with your company!

    • Heirloom Labs

      we’re happy you got serve what you deserve Jared!

  3. Mary

    Our 3 kg sample just came in this morning from EMS delivery. We are going to make test now and tell after we do it, thank you.

  4. Mary

    We tested your product last week and all was good. Now we are ready to put in another order of 100 kgs with delivery by Wednesday next week. Is that possible? Please i will appreciate your quick response on this, thank you.

    • Heirloom Labs

      Okay Mary will send you an email now, thanks.

  5. Joshua

    thank you for delivery Looms

  6. Blandine

    The best i have tested so far. Difficult to get the real deal here in USA. I am happy i found you guys, thanks.

  7. Ali Usman

    Nice product my friend, than you.

  8. Jacques

    awesome mon ami, many thanks to you for quick delivery and product qualiti.

  9. Happy

    You gave me your best 👌🏻 and now we owe you a lot, thank you ☺️ heirloomlabs

  10. Vilem Vincenc

    Výborná kvalita

  11. Amina Eshe

    شكرا جزيلا.

  12. Aisha Aida

    شكرا لك على الجودة لا بأس.

  13. Bai Chang

    tank you sir

  14. Chen Han

    再次感谢你。 我的买家很快就会再买一公斤。

  15. Joshua M. H

    perfcte quality and safe delivery to jerusalem.

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