3lbs Moon Rocks

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Moon Rock marijuana strain is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa marijuana.
The strain is extremely powerful with high THC Levels ranging 21-30%.
It is not recommended for first time users as may induce severe cough lock and lethargy.
Moon Rock buds are chunky and nicely covered with a fat coat of resin.
They have a number of glittering trichomes and smell of spices, nuts and earth.
Moon Rock marijuana is good for evening and night time use.


3lbs Moon Rocks

Buy Moon Rocks Marijuana Strain Online, also known as Kurupt’s Moonrock.
It is an infamous take on the classic Girls Scout Cookies strain,
where the nugs are dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief.
Cerebral, Relaxing
Helps with Chronic Pain, headaches, Insomnia, Migraines.
Dank, Hash, Nutty, Sweet.
Dank, Earthy, Hash, Mellow, Nutty, Spicy.


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