1 Litre Full Spectrum CBD Oil

(5 customer reviews)

£4,500.00 £3,700.00

5% CBD,10ml hemp seed oil,500mg,no THC,1000 units at  £3.99/unit
10% CBD,10ml hemp seed oil,1000mg,no THC,2000 units at  £2.99/unit
15% CBD,20ml hemp seed oil,1500mg,no THC,3000 units at £1.99/unit
  • 80+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil extraction from high CBD industrial hemp.
  • Made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.
  • THC 0%
  • This product is a viscous dark golden liquid at room temperature and should be heated for easy mixing or dispensing.


1 Litre Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • THC-free Full Spectrum Water soluble formula. 
  • Can be applied under the tongue for maximum absorption. 
  • Natural. And as a result it gives it the Earthy taste.
  • Absolutely no fillers, preservatives, solvents, or additives and as a result its from Non-GMO hemp.
  • Thus, as a result of consistent lab updates, each batch made and produced is being sent to a 3rd party lab for testing.
  • Derived entirely from Industrial Hemp Oil. As a result 80+% Pure CBD Distillate is produced.
  • It is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE and CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp as a result No detectable THC.
  • This product is a viscous clear golden liquid at room temperature
  • And can be heated for easy mixing or dispensing. 


5 reviews for 1 Litre Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  1. Thomas Johst

    great quality heirloom, thanks so much.

  2. Miguel Cordoba

    Hola Heirloom Labs, today we test your full spectrum cbd hemp oil and test result come back and it was registered 80%+;exactly 83% CBD with no THC levels. This good Mr. Takwah, but we were looking to get 85% CBD. However, we guess this will have to work for now. Please we send you our new order with shipping to Spain in email and Whatsapp. look your email and whatsapp and reply me please. my clients needs soonest. get order in email we sent you ready asap for shipping in Monday morning, gracias.

  3. Jean Atangana

    My buyers have just gotten delivery this morning Looms. They were getting worries as it was supposed to be in France on Friday. We will test and give you feedback on quality and % of CBD, merci.

  4. Angela Gillian

    Hi there, we are please with your product’s quality. it gave us 80% cbd wish was surprising to my clients. they will want more before this month ends. we look forward to buying from you again Looms, thanks.

  5. Mary Joan

    Late Delivery Heirloom Labs. 1 day late. product will be tested soon and i will let you know of cbd %, thanks.

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