1 Kg CBC Isolate


We offer CBC in bulk, our premade goods are excellent, we take the hassle out of home good production.
Premier CBC Isolate Powder at assorted weights.
There are different ways to use CBC isolate.
As a topical, blend CBC isolate with essential oils for skin care.
CBC isolates can also be used to make edibles when blended with olive or coconut oil.
A more modern teqnique is known as “dabbing” (or smoked).


1 Kg CBC Isolate

Smoking is often considered the most effective instant relief CBC can produce, almost instantly calming the nervous system.
The National Institute of Health publishes cannabinoid studies often, offering positive correlations between supplementation and relief.
For instance, CB’s have been shown to stop acne and skin inflammation when directly applied .
Isolate is virtually limitless in its applications, which makes it one of the best investments.
Let us provide you with our environmentally certified, organic, hemp extract from EU.



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