Wholesale Hemp CBD Oil
Heirloom Labs works directly with large scale hemp processors to manufacture and distribute hemp-derived CBD Oil and other CBD products in North America and internationally.

Wholesale US Medical Hemp
In the US, we work with large established processors and also design, build and operate new large scale hemp processing labs.

We have partnered with North America’s largest Supercritical CO2 extraction company to develop large scale turnkey labs capable of processing 1000s of pounds of biomass daily to meet the growing demand for high quality CBD from US hemp.

We also source and sell biomass, and work direct with large cultivation groups, farmer’s cooperatives and First Nation groups to supply the large quantities of hemp biomass required for large scale CBD production..

Hemp-derived CBD Oil Offtake / Futures Contracts
Internationally, we have issued offtake agreements to purchase low THC hemp-derived oil and other concentrates for local processing and export.

These will be grown under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) conditions and processed under GMP compliant and certified facilities to allow sale internationally to approved purchasers.

Note, these standards aren’t yet relevant in the current US and Canadian CBD market.

If you require large quantities of crude oil or are a processor seeking oil for further refinement or manufacturing please contact us.

Our labs have large requirements for quality certified biomass, so if you are an experienced farmer, cooperative, nation or investment group seeking to enter the high CBD hemp production space please contact us to discuss potential orders.

Note we work direct with farmers, processors and manufacturers and their registered agents. All applicants must be qualified for production capability or purchase funds and intent prior to any pricing discussions.

Wholesale CBD Oil
If you require wholesale CBD oil please contact us and we will get back to you.

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